Monday, October 10, 2011

What Women Want

Women can make a difference in this world. We have proof: three Nobel prize winners this year.

I strongly believe women are an under-used, under-utilised and sometimes abused resource in our world. Thanks to Ansie, I have an exciting opportunity to share.

Today, more than 600 million girls live in the developing world. Approximately one-quarter of these girls are not in school.
Adolescent girls are uniquely capable of raising the standard of living in the developing world. It has been shown: she will reinvest her income and knowledge back into her family and her community. As an educated mother, an active citizen, an ambitious entrepreneur or prepared employee, a girl will break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.
That is the Girl Effect.
Yet, despite her proven potential, she is more likely to be uneducated, a child bride, and exposed to HIV/AIDS. Less than two cents of every international development dollar is directed at her.

If this moves you, you can do something. Go to the Girl Effect website and see how you can be someone who helps a woman make a difference.

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