Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Treasures

As promised in my last post here are my latest finds - this first one was discovered in Marblehead (if you're ever in Massachusetts, make a stop. Its a beautiful old New England seaside town, with tons and tons of charm). I am a huge Royal Copenhagen fan, but unfortunately it is insanely expensive. I don't think I would realistically ever be happy to put down so much cash for what is essentially pottery.

So I found this guy - yes it's chipped, but my thinking is I will always keep it out and enjoy it. If it were perfect (and priceless!) I'd be more inclined to hide it away in case it breaks.

Isn't it beautiful? And it was only $8. And the little mark on the bottom indicates it was made between 1894 and 1900.

Then this weekend was Brimfield - we took a friend along who had never been... she seemed to take so long to look around! And then we realized that that is how we used to be the first few times we went there. There is SO MUCH to see! But once she realized how much ground we had to cover, she sped up and started keeping a look out for things that caught her eye, and she came away with some great finds.

Here are mine (and the hubster's) if you'd like to see. The last thing we bought (but first on this list!) is a Bank of England chair. The hubster needed a new desk chair, and this shouted his name. Designed to be sat in for hours at a time, it's perfect. And really comfy!

I also spotted something I wasn't planning on buying - an almost matching set of light fixtures. What my American friends call sconces :)  I'm imaging these in a soft, neutral bathroom, with a beautiful mirror, where these girly additions will flank the mirror and add a little sparkle. They are not perfectly matched, which I think will only add to the charm.

Maybe in a bathroom like Sarah Richardson's design?

 Last but certainly not least was a purchase that has been on my mind since my first couple of years of living in Massachusetts. In a magazine I read about Dedham Pottery - lovely Arts and Crafts pottery that was created in a town near me, Dedham, with a beautiful signature crackled glaze and rabbit design. The pottery was made between 1896 and 1943. I've seen this pottery a few times at Brimfield, but it was always quite expensive. So I hoped that I would find it for a reasonable price one day, so that I could have my little piece of Massachusetts crafting history, and that if I moved back to South Africa one day I could take it with me.

Well, I found it. A reasonably priced beautiful bowl. It's tiny. And quite unique. I haven't seen photos of anything else like it. The marking on the back (although partial because the space is so small) seems to indicate that this was made between 1896 and 1928.

 What great finds - things I will most likely treasure forever.


The Vintique Object said...

Ooo. I love each and everyone of your finds. Especially the sconces. So jealous you got to go to Brimfield. It sounds amazing.

kbd said...

Camille, it is so much fun! If you're ever in the area in May, July or September, let me know and we should go!