Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have a magazine problem - I have piles and piles of them. I can't stop reading them. I wait anxiously for my subscriptions (an addict knows how to save money!) and then systematically read through them. It's a problem. I can't not do it. That's not really healthy. Plus, I have got to a point where I recognize homes from magazines on pinterest (oh ja, there's Keri Russell's house from Elle, again) and other places, and it's seldom now that I see a home that blows me away. I know, I know,  who's a fancy-pants know-it-all now? But it made me wonder why I still look at mags.

Then a wonderful friend gave me South African Elle Decor (Oct/Nov issue) and in the beginning the editor, Laureen Roussouw says this -

"Homes are not about trends. Home are about people. Elle Decor only showcases beautiful houses that tell the stories of the people who live in them. Minimalist? Hoarder? It doesn't' matter. It's not about doing something that has never been done before. It's about the conversation between the the house and the people who live in it".

And as a designer, who can sometimes believe that our lives are our greatest project, I really agree with Laureen. I read the magazines to see how other people live, and it inspires me to live more beautifully.

So anyhoo, random self-analysis aside, here is a house that blew me away. The perfect blend of history, charm, practicality, beauty... and the story of the people who restored it and live in it.


I could move in there tomorrow.

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