Friday, November 9, 2012

My Home: Welcome

I have a few pics of our place, if you'd like to see.

We are still living in the same house (we've been here nearly six years!) - we just moved upstairs. Mostly because winter was coming, and a couple of years ago our landlord did an upgrade to forced air heat. For my readers who don't live in a cold climate, what that means is our beautiful radiators were removed and replaced with ducts in the floor that literally blow out hot air to heat the apartment. I think in most cases it works well (and you can also hook up air conditioning in the summer - bliss!) but it didn't work so well for us because my husband has asthma and I struggle with allergies. The air moving around and kicking up dust was working against us. When the upstairs apartment became available (it wasn't upgraded) we decided it was time to move - we also got some more space into the bargain!

Welcome to our home!

Our entry is one of my favourite places in the new apartment - we never had one before! Now we have dedicated space for putting on coats and shoes. The coat rack is just out of sight, a couple steps up on the left hand side on the stairway. We keep our rain boots down there (peeking out from behind the door on the right) and hats, gloves, etc in the basket under the bench. Cricket hats, hockey sticks, umbrellas, pirate's swords etc, stay in the umbrella stand. One of the reasons I love this spot is that the red fabric was brought for me by a friend from China. And the blue and white fabric on the bench seat was brought for me by a friend from South Africa. Its good to think of them when I see the fabrics!

This house has some lovely details and charm. We have a beautiful stairway, and its a great place to hang the dogs' leashes. Unfortunately the wood detailing has been victim to some reckless inhabitant (see how some of the wood is missing?) but I suppose it adds to the charm.

Other great details in the house are things like the door knobs on some of the original doors, and the radiators. I look forward to owning our own house one day but I think I'll miss these things - although the yucky white blinds you see behind the radiator are something that I could always do without!

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