Thursday, November 15, 2012

South Africa Art & Design: Heating Up the Internet

Ah yes, two great blogs highlighted some awesome South African art and design this week.

First Habitually Chic, showing a feature from a recent Elle Decor. I loved this house when I saw it - I'm so not rock 'n roll and it would be so much fun to live here for a weekend to enjoy feeling like I was.

Its not immediately obvious (which I think makes it nice) but there are touches of South Africa here - the Pieter Hugo photo in the hallway, the porcupine lampshades in the kitchen, the traditional wooden furniture in the living room and I think that fabric on the chair in the last pic is a South African design, too. Love it. Everywhere but not obvious. Liveable.

Then, Erin Gates at Elements of Style, had me laughing at her excitement at discovering Londolozi. I guess it's a place I taken for granted as being awesome - although it nice to be reminded how great it is by a newby (although, no I haven't been, and I'd give my left arm to go). I could've sworn I'd shown more pics of it before, but I guess not! Enjoy:

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