Friday, July 6, 2007

At the Farm

Imagine a land where the flowers emerge, glorious, after a fire... the land stretches away as far as the eye can see... and wildlife abounds.

Where the accomodation is environmentally sound and strikingly gorgeous.

Where you can swim at the beach, hike the hills, horse ride through the plains, or laze just outside your front door.

Imagine Farm 215, situated on a fynbos reserve and nature retreat in the Southern Cape's Overberg. Home to one of the most biodiverse floral kingdoms in the world, Farm 215 saw a far-reaching fire sweep across the Overberg, releasing the regenerating blossoms of flowers such as Wistonias and other bulbs that had laid dormat for years, in a splendour that erupted this year.

When visiting the farm, and you're not enjoying the great outdoors, your hosts, Maarten Groos and Henki Le Roux will treat you to sumptious dinners, music and good company.

...and then imagine, sitting out under the starry southern skies....

(all photographs from Farm 215's website, with the exception of my dodgily-scanned in picture of the dining room, from SA Elle Decor Autumn 07, and the night sky, which I found on flickr.)

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Xander said...

Wow, what an amazing tail on that bird. He'd look good in silhouette on a fun print. -X