Monday, July 2, 2007

Koto Bolofo

Koto Bolofo grew up in exile, far away under British skies, instead of those of his native South Africa. He studied graphic design, but moved into photography, documenting his father's return home after 30 years abroad (The Land is White, the Seed is Black), an artist who makes aeroplanes, and also worked in fashion photography (working for various editions of Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and others).

His work speaks for itself.

From The Land is White, the Seed is Black.

From Sibusiso Mbhele and His Fish Helicopter, which showed at the Scout Gallery in London.

I had trouble choosing what to show from his fashion photography, there are so many interesting shots. If you enjoy these, spend some time checking out his portfolio at his agency's website, Jed Root, Inc.

Koto has also published a book, called Racing Style. It is a photographic representation of the Goodwill Revival, which relives the days of the Goodwood Motor Circuit (the British racing venue between 1948 and 1966). As the publisher says on its website, "This edition celebrates Goodwood through the years with engaging and unusual photos. On each luminous page, the reader is invited to peek at details of the era, from the cockpits of bugattis to the competitors and spectators who dress in period clothing. Racing Style artistically captures all these special memories in a timeless edition devoted to beauty and movement".

He is admired by other photographers whose work I enjoy! Check out Sart's entry for the day this photograph was taken.(That's Koto in the green shirt.)

Currently, Koto is working on two books, one on "the secret universe of Hermes" and the other on Venus Williams (that's her in the fashion photos, bottom right). I can't wait.

"Classical, modern and timeless—that's my concept. It always works". - Koto Bolofo

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