Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Something to Write Home About

TeamTwo is a husband-wife team who make lights... beautiful, flowing chandeliers... out of ball-chains! You know, those little chains made of tiny balls that keep pens attached to desks at places like the Post Office? I think these are gorgeous and was absolutely floored when I find out what they were made of.

Adam Hoets is an eco-architecturialist and Sian Elliot is a jewellry designer who trained in industrial design. Together they make lamps that create halos of light that move and shimmer... they move in the slightest movement of air. (Picture as seen in SA Elle Decor, Summer 06/07.) Their company is called Willowlamp.

TeamTwo is represented here in the States at Amaridian, a New York gallery that specialises in South African artists. The owner, Fraser Conlon, is currently featured on House and Garden Magazine's list of Tastemakers. The picture below is from their website. You can see a willowlamp hanging behind Fraser in his gallery.

More of Fraser's wares were recently on show at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. I couldn't be there, but Grace at design*sponge was, and she took some great photos of the booth, like the one below (scroll all the way to the end of her post... You'll also see more of Gregor Jenkins' work in the pic above the chandeliers—the lamps made of green enamel mugs).

Grace's blog is always so informative, so current, and so interesting. I'm a huge fan. She also posts on the H&G website, so you can find her blog from there, too.

Thanks Grace! Hopefully next time I'll be there, too.

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vineeta said...

wow. Such formal & gorgeous looking stuff & to think they are made fom ball chains! superp find!