Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She Wears Shwe Shwe

I owe Gary at Spray Glue a lot. It was through his great blog that I came across Skinny laMinx, and Petticoat, amongst all the other wonderfully inspiring stuff he posts every day.

Yesterday I randomly clicked on a link on his blog and it led me to She Wears Shwe Shwe. I kind of have had trouble finding out more about the blogger, but I know she lives in Johannesburg, and has a very healthy obsession with shwe shwe fabric.

This is something I grew up looking at every day and never really saw. I didn't even know it had a name! I love how the Ms. Shwe Shwe-Blogger captures people in their shwe shwe outfits, young and and not so young.

Her posts also really appeal to the crafter in me. You can, of course, make yourself those lovely outfits, but then again, what about gift boxes? Or cushions? Or book coverings?

I have plans now... next visit home I am getting myself some shwe shwe and making a quilt (I believe this is Ms Shwe Shwe-Blogger's handiwork. Nice!)...

...and also a skirt. This is so me.

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