Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Show Some Skin

Have you noticed all the hide being used in interiors these days? I have... from the walls to the floors! I thought I'd bring a few together for our viewing pleasure.

Marie Claire Maison as seen on Kim Gray's blog.

Nguni rug from bliss via Kim Gray

Jenna Lyons' sitting room (from domino) and dressing room (from Livingetc, perhaps?) via Habitually Chic

Lonny magazine
, 2nd issue, pages 26 and 132.

Rachel Zoe's house as seen on Habitually Chic.

Slim Paley's living room, as seen on Habitually Chic.

Accompanying a table make-over on design*sponge

My living room (but the pic is kind of outdated now... I have a beautiful On Any Sunday poster up now)

This chair, as seen on Simplified Bee

More literally in this room, seen on Elements of Style

And now I need to stop or I would go on forever! I do enjoy this trend, but hope everyone remembers to please practice faux fur!


Black Zebra said...

As a fellow Zebra ,Zebra stripes still remain my favorite.on a cushion or as a rug,they seem to make any interior look stylish.

kbd said...

I like it too, especially when its not too black, when you can see some of the browns and warmer hues...

Slim Paley said...

I agree with KBD ( and with no offense to BLACK Zebra)
I especially love my zebra with some of the warmer brown hues.
It doesn't seem to matter whether a room is ultra modern or devoutly traditional - zebra always works and never gets old. ( in my humble opinion, of course :) )

Slim Paley