Friday, June 11, 2010


That's right! Today is the start of the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. It has been anticipated greatly and I think, just maybe, its going to be a blast! I have already heard that my home country has been putting out the flags, firing up the braais and warming their vuvuzelas.

I, for one, have been greatly enjoying the creativity the World Cup has inspired. Here is a taste of some of it.

Firstly, the Official World Cup Art. Even William Kentridge got his hands dirty! (Below: William Kentridge's Bicycle Kick, Kay Hassan's Swanker Ball, and Isolde Kram's Red Elephant). See more Fifa posters here.

ESPN's posters
are totally different but also really cool, created by ground-breaking I Am Collective (who create their work by inviting artists to be a guest for a year, producing unique work to that artist that year.) Each poster has a bit of history to it, so if you're from a soccer-playing country, you might see something familiar in the posters.

I even got in the action, designing this tshirt at work. We have a bunch of different countries, so check it out!

And if you want to get a touch more excited, or learn how to say LA-DUUUUMA!, be sure to take a few minutes to enjoy this heart-warming song from SA band Hot Water, Laduma. And please forget about that stupid Waka waka song (with my apologies to FreshlyGround). Thanks.

*Laduma is South African for "GOAAAAAAAL!"


kbd said...

one more thing... go Bafana Bafana!!!

Black Zebra said...

Well-done to Bafana for the fantastic opening match!