Monday, June 14, 2010

Portraits of a Nation... continued

So, a while back (wow! 2007!) I wrote about the fantastic book I have, called African Salad. It's a book that explores the culture of South Africa through its cooking. I love the attention to detail, the illustrations, maps and most of all, the stories.

Now the same authors are gathering stories about South Africans in another way: bicycles. In Bicycle Portraits: Everyday South Africans and Their Bicycles, Stan Engelbrecht and Tasmin de Beer will do for two wheels as they did for recipes. (I just looked at the website again, I think it could just be Stan, with a new partner, Nic Grobler. But I'm sure the resulting book will be just as amazing).

The project's success counts on us: as a kickstarter project, they hope to collect $15,000 by THIS THURSDAY! If they don't raise that much, they get none of the money... as a bonus, a $50 donation ensures that you will get a copy of the book. Secure your copy now, here.

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