Wednesday, June 23, 2010


And while we are catching up on southern African art out and about on the web, I'm glad mint (great blog!) got to see some of Amaridian's wonderful wares at ICFF.

That's a chandelier by Willowlamp and wire-wall art by ZenZulu. I hope to have more info on Amaridian soon but in the mean time here is more about Willowlamp and Zenzulu....

I absolutley love Willowlamp and have blogged about them here and here, and would dearly love one of their chandeliers... oh, maybe one of their small collection, I'm afraid I don't have ceilings high enough!

Can you imagine that Faraway Tree chandelier over your dining room table? What a conversation piece!

Zenzulu are reknown for their mix of traditional African crafts with a modern sensibility. I love, love, love the handiwork on those bowls...

They have their original range (bowls, etc) but also jewelry, utility pieces and Christmas products (my Christmas tree, although the traditional Fir, is always decorated African style, so these get my vote!)

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