Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Weekends

After a wonderful weekend... good friends, delicious food, some gardening. So from around the house and garden: lavender drying (from my lavender bush! Hope I get a second harvest... but what to do with the resulting haul?) and peonies... not from my garden but I love them none the less. They have the most delicious fragrance!

And, after a home cooked dinner of pasta carbonara, how can life be any better?


Michelle said...

Lavender salt, sachets for your closet, lavender baths, honey and cakes? Lovely simple pleasures.

kbd said...

I was thinking of sachets... I recently bought a tunic in a Liberty of London print (from a discount shop here in the US) and removed the collar... it might make perfect sized sachets... but I have never cooked or baked with lavender! I'll see if I'm brave enough to try :)